What we are looking for:

Articulate responses to the articles and content our editors create. We will also accept submissions of original content. Responses can come in any format whether it be an article, a podcast/recordings, or a video response.  Submissions should be well developed and seek to generate intellectual, thought-provoking, and positive dialogue among the Split Screens’ community.

We will also accept creative submissions such as fan-art, poetry, cosplay photography, and fan-fiction.  We ask that creative submissions be kept P-13 and are mindful of the Split Screens Community.  We will not publish your Thundercats, X-men, or any other fan erotica (sorry just can’t do it).  We will also not publish any content that is driven by hate, prejudice, or malice toward another particular group of people.

Split Screens is open to everyone and we aim to keep it that way.

Please note that submission does not guarantee publication on the site. Once submitted, our team of editors will review each piece to make sure they meet our formatting guidelines and that the they are developed with the desire to create respectful dialogue with the community. After careful review, you will receive a follow-up email from one of our editors regarding your submission(s).


All submissions should be sent to

Articles – no more than 1,800 words and sent as a Word doc
Podcasts/Recordings – mp3 no larger than 80 mb and sent as a compressed zip file
Videos – mp4 no larger than 500 mb and sent as a compressed zip file, we can also host channel links

Art Work & Photography – jpg no large than 20 mb, should be hi-res and 300 dpi
Poetry – a poem should be no more than 500 words and sent as a Word doc, we will accept no more than three poems per submission
Fan-Fiction – stories and prose should be no more than 4,000 words in length and be sent in Word doc format

*Windwaker Zelda and Link image courtesy of artist and good friend, Tara Cyr.