We are an all inclusive, nerd-culture site covering issues, trends, news, and entertainment within the evolving fandoms. Our mission is to curate a safe space for people of all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and fandoms to express their love and knowledge of quintessential nerdiness.

Along with generating reviews and impressions of popular and compelling media, we seek to create a conversational space for our community to discuss a variety of geek-centric topics. Our editors create original content as well as develop articles, videos, and recordings in response to each others’ work. We also encourage our frequent visitors to submit their own responses and original content for potential publication (please see our submissions page for more details).

We seek to gather perspectives from a variety of fans and facilitate thoughtful, creative, and passionate exploration of the culture(s) we hold most dear.  And through our dialogue, find a common couch to sit on.

We all may have different perspectives, but at the end of the day we play the same games…

Welcome to Split Screens.