A Resource Guide to Net Neutrality

By Mike Malpiedi

As a gamer or a general living and breathing human being, you have probably already heard or read about Net Neutrality. There have been numerous reports and articles on the damage that can be done by ISPs if the FCC does vote to repeal the current Net Neutrality policies enacted during the Obama Administration. This repeal, which is scheduled to be voted on December 14th, would give ISPs immense power over the internet and drastically strain our abilities to connect and receive information. It would be especially damaging to lower income communities, people of color, native peoples, and the LGBTQIA community who rely on the internet as a means of organizing activist movements and for access to important information regarding jobs, educational opportunities and so on.

Rather than write another article about the cons of ending Net Neutrality, I’ve decided to create a resource archive of informative articles on the repeals affects, the laws surrounding Net Neutrality, and avenues for fighting back.

Just as we say about gaming here on Split Screens, the internet is for everyone and we need to keep it that way. I hope you find this guide to be helpful…

Current Net Neutrality Laws:

What is Title II, the Key to Net Neutrality? – The Daily Dot
Net Neutrality Law – Wikipedia

FCC’s Repeal Proposal:

Restoring Internet Freedom – FCC
FCC Plans Net Neutrality Repeal in Victory for Telecoms – The New York Times
Dem FCC Member: Stop Us from Ending Net Neutrality – The Hill

Why We Have Net Neutrality: 

Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know – Freepress.net
The Open Internet: A Case for Net Neutrality – theopeninter.net
Net Neutrality is Under Threat Again – Popular Science
Here is How the End of Net Neutrality Will Change the Internet – Wired
The Internet is Fucked (Again) – The Verge

How Ending Net Neutrality Affects Marginalized Communities: 

Letter from National Minority Organizations to the FCC
Will the FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules Hurt Minorities? – The Atlantic
Net Neutrality: The Social Justice Issue of Our Time – Public Knowledge
FCC’s Plan to Repeal Net Neutrality Will Silence Black Voices – The Root

How Ending Net Neutrality Affects Gaming: 

The End of Net Neutrality is Disastrous for Online Gaming – Game Revolution
What the Threat of Net Neutrality Means for PC Gaming – PC Gamer
Why Gamers Need to Care About Net Neutrality – Plarium
How New Net Neutrality Rules Could Make Gaming Worse – Crave

Arguments for Net Neutrality Repeal: 

Am I the Only Techie Against Net Neutrality? – Forbes
5 Arguments Against Net Neutrality – Mashable
These are the Arguments Against Net Neutrality and Why They are Wrong – Tech Crunch
An Argument Against Net Neutrality – Notes on Liberty

Ways to Fight Back: 

Join the Battle for Net Neutrality – Battle for the Net
Net Neutrality Resources – Save the Internet
6 Ways to Protest the FCC’s Decision to Kill Net Neutrality – Inverse
Americans are Spending Thanksgiving Fighting for Net Neutrality – The Verge

If you know of any other resources and articles that would help round out this list, please feel free to share links in the comments!!

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