Patch Inbound – Split Screens is Changing

Hello Split Screens Fans!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in regards to the site over the past couple of months and I’ve come to a big decision…

Going forth Split Screens will be a gaming-focused site instead of tackling all nerd-culture. I am making this change because I don’t have the bandwidth or regular contributors to develop consistent content that covers all of nerd-culture. I’d like to say that I can manage it, but there are so many new games, comics, movies, and shows coming out every week that it is impossible for me to catch all of it at this point in time. After looking over the content I already have on the site, it is apparent the vast majority is gaming-related and the name of the site itself “Split Screens” speaks to a specific type of gaming experience, so the transition makes sense and will help me narrow my focus.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be updating the pages and menus on the site to reflect categories such as Reviews, Impressions, Livestreams, and so on. I will keep all of the content I have made on the website, even if it is not specific to gaming, but moving forward all Split Screens content will focus on video games and the gaming industry. I also ask that anyone interested in submitting to please keep their submissions game-related as well.

While I am honing the focus of the site, the mission of Split Screens remains the same. This site will continue to be all-inclusive and curate a safe space for people of all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and fandoms to express their love and knowledge of quintessential nerdiness. No exceptions.

Thank you all so much for the love over the past year and for supporting me in this nerdy endeavor! I sincerely hope that you continue to visit Split Screens and enjoy all the geek-centric content it has to offer.

There will always be a spot on the the couch for you…


Mike Malpiedi
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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