The Stack – Undertale

Update: Recordings of episodes eight, nine, and ten are now live! Going forward we won’t do individual postings per episode. Instead, we will do one post per game and upload each new installment to the same post until the game has been finished.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in again for our last episode of The Stack! We will be back every Sunday at 5:30pm (EST). Mike will be continuing his first playthrough of Toby Fox’s universally praised rpg, Undertale!

Undertale follows the story of a young child who has fallen into a mysterious land of monsters known as the Underground. As the child, players must traverse this intricate world of subterranean tunnels, solve puzzles, and either choose to befriend or kill monsters along the way. What the player chooses to do in each encounter effects the outcome of the story. By doing a little research we know there is a pacifist playthrough and a genocide playthough. The pacifist playthrough has the “real ending,” so Mike will be attempting to complete the game as a pacifist. This should be a very different experience when compared to traditional rpg gameplay. We shall see how he fairs!

Tune-in here, or live on Twitch, starting at 5:30pm (EST) on Sundays! As always, we will save you a seat on the couch…

Previous Episodes:

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