Split Screen’s Top Five SDCC 2017 Announcements…

San Diego Comic Con has come and gone once again. It was another exciting year packed with big announcements, fresh trailers, packed panels, and all things deliciously nerdy. With so much packed into just a handful of days, we’d like to focus on just our top five favorite moments and announcements from this year’s SDCC.

Starting with everyone’s favorite new scifi series…

Stranger Thing Gets a Glorious New Trailer

October 27 cannot come soon enough. Netflix unveiled a new trailer for the series during SDCC 2017 and with it comes more of the 80s style strangeness that we have come to love from the series. With a stellar use of Michael Jackson’s thriller, the Stranger Things trailer offers a good peek at what wicked horrors await the small town of Hawkins. It seems like the Upside Down won’t let young Will be, so once again he, his family, and his friends are caught in the mix.

We also get are first look at Eleven’s return!


Alan Moore is Returning to Comics


Top Shelf Comics dropped a bomb when they announced that Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill would be returning to the world of The League of Extraordinary Gentleman for one final volume. The new volume of The League of Extraordinary Gentleman is entitled “The Tempest” and will be “drawn from pop-culture throughout time and space.” This will be Moore and O’Niell’s retirement project, so be on the look out for this epic six-part series when it debuts in 2018.

Thor: Ragnarok Looks Like a Hell of a Good Time

Marvel debuted a new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok which promises a fun and cosmic romp through the MCU. The new footage gives us a better look at characters such as Hela, Valkyrie, Skurge, the Grandmaster and even Surtur. It also shows Thor banding together with Hulk, Thor, Valkyrie, and Loki (?!!) to stop Hela and her desire to bring about Ragnarok. This gives us a better idea of the film’s plot while also showing how different this Thor film will be from the previous two films. Thor: Ragnarok truly feels like the Thor film fans have been waiting for.

Definitely looking forward to seeing this in November!


Captain Marvel Will Face-Off Against the Skrulls


We finally have some details on the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. In an unexpected turn of events, Marvel will be utilizing the Skrulls as the primary villains for the film. With the complicated film rights between Marvel and Fox surrounding the Skrulls, it is a pleasant surprise to see that the MCU has found a way to include these devious aliens. Along with the villain announcement, we have learned that the film will be set in the 1990s and will deal with the issues surrounding the Kree and Skrull War. Here’s to hoping we can see a trailer in the near future.

Shelob Makes Her Presence Known in Shadow of War

Monolith dropped a new Shadow of War trailer which reveals that Shelob, the malicious spider/spirit from LotR lore, will make her debut in the new game. Shelob presents Talion with vision of the future and how Minas Ithil will fail to Sauron. It looks like Talion will ally himself with Shelob, but Celebrimbor is rightfully cautious of Shelob’s intentions. The known spider also gets a new form in the game and appears to Talion in a human form for the first time.

This game cannot come out soon enough!!


And those are our top five moments and announcements of San Diego Comic Con 2017! What were your favorite moment’s from this year’s SDCC? Gawking over the new Justice League trailer? Excited for some Punisher action this November? Drooling over some great collectibles?

Sound off in the comments…

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