The Stack – Telltales’ Game of Thrones

Update: The playthrough recordings are now live! See videos below. Episode Six was unfortunately omitted due to audio issues during the livestream.

Hey Split Screens fans! A huge thank you to everyone who tuned in to the premiere of “The Stack” last Sunday. We are so happy to announce that Episode 2 will be debuting this Sunday, but at an earlier time of 5pm (EST). This weekend will see the return of Game of Thrones, so in celebration Mike will be playing Telltales’ episodic Game of Thrones adventure game.

This six-part series follows the members of House Forrester and the happenings at their home of Ironrath in Northern Westeros. The family is mentioned in A Dance with Dragons, but has yet to be introduced in the HBO series. What better way to get amped for Season 7 than enjoying some fresh GoT side stories? This game is much longer than last week’s Among the Sleep, so Mike will be playing it over the course of the next several episodes.

Tune-in here, or live on Twitch, starting at 5pm (EST) this Sunday! As always, we will save you a seat on the couch…

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