Introducing… The Stack!

Hey Split Screens fans!

Very excited to announce that Split Screens is starting its first streaming segment called “The Stack.” Tune in this Sunday at 8pm (EST) and join our editor-in-chief (and friendly neighborhood panda) Mike Malpiedi as he attempts to get through his never-ending stack of un-played games.

For this first episode, Mike will take a brave plunge into Krillbrite Studio’s Among the Sleep. Among the Sleep is a first-person horror game where you take the perspective of a young toddler who must traverse the supernatural happenings within his own home.

Horror, cute toddlers, and a 26 year old man scaring the crap out of himself for your entertainment… what more could you ask for?

Come join us on Sunday at 8pm! We’ll save a seat on the couch especially for you.

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