Brace Yourselves, Doomfist is Coming to Overwatch!


Its official. Its finally happening… Doomfist has landed and he is out for blood!

Blizzard announced the new playable hero today via a story trailer and a developer’s diary (see both below) from Overwatch Lead Designer, Jeff Kaplan. Doomfist has yet to be given an official release date for PC and consoles, but he is currently playable in Overwatch’s PTR. We can expect to see the hero truly debut sometime next week since the Overwatch team was able to drop Doomfist into the PTR immediately following his announcement.

He is set to be a new offensive hero despite rumors suggesting that we would be getting a new support hero first (additional video at the very bottom). His move-set includes a rising uppercut that launches opponents into the air, a seismic slam that draws them closer, and a chargeable rocket punch that propels him into enemies for massive damage. His ultimate move is “Meteor Strike” which hurls him into the sky and allows him to do a devastating orbital ground smash. The ult-move completely destroys any unfortunate enemy heroes who get caught underneath and also damages others within a particular radius.

Doomfist definitely seems like a welcomed addition to the roster, and one that fans have been dying for since the game’s launch last year. The only downside… Terry Crews is NOT the voice actor for Doomfist. Despite campaigning for the role, Crews will not be bringing his usual bombastic nature to the character. That said, the story trailer shows that Terry’s typical typecast isn’t what they are going for with the character. Doomfist is much more stoic and also happens to be Nigerian. Crews is a great actor, no doubt, but he probably couldn’t have given Blizzard the authenticity and stoicism that they were looking for.

So I guess I’ll forgive Jeff and the Overwatch this time? Maybe… but only if they finally make a damn Overwatch cartoon. Just call Netflix already Blizzard! You know they’d eat that pilot up in a heartbeat.

Just saying.

Some Doomfist Gameplay:


Update: Doomfist’s Skins, emotes, sprays, and more have been added to the PTR. Check out the video below!

Update: Blizzard announced yesterday that Doomfist will be officially released on July 27, 2017!

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