Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Roster Wishlist

By Mike Malpiedi

(Update: Shantae has been removed from the list since she isn’t a Capcom property and is owned/developed by WayForward Technologies. Capcom only published the first game in 2002. She has been replaced by Wesker from the Resident Evil series. Thanks to Professor Icepick from Retronaissance for bringing this to my attention.)

Earlier this week, Sony unveiled the first full story trailer for the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite and even announced the game’s release date: September 19, 2017. Since the trailer’s release there continues to be reservation from fans about the quality of the game and what characters will be included (and rightfully so!). Capcom and Marvel are already announcing that there will be paid DLC characters that can either be purchased individually or through the planned $30 dollar “Character Pass.” One DLC character will actually be Sigma, one of the main villains in the game, which doesn’t leave die-hard MvC fans with too much faith in the roster and content for MvCI.

Hopefully come September 17 we can all rest in the glory that we were wrong and have a blast playing the new Marvel Vs Capcom.

All this aside, it is still fun to speculate which characters will end up in the finally version of the game, so in the spirit of wishful thinking let us begin!


We already know that Marvel is focusing on the MCU as inspiration for their roster, so I’ll be focusing more on characters related to the current slate of Marvel films and shows (I’m sorry X-Men fans… I know, I know…).  Let’s kick things off with the big bag of Phase 3, the mad titan himself…



I would like to think that Thanos is already set for this game since there has been so much build-up to Infinity Wars in the MCU films. Not only that, but Thanos already starred in the universally loved Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and was the main villain in Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter before that (see videos below).

Thanos is one of the most prominent and devastating villains in the Marvel Universe (the guy has killed HALF the universe before), so it is only right that he make his glorious comeback in Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite. And I mean really, would Marvel put the Infinity Stones in a game and not include Thanos?

And now for another MvC veteran…



Another MvC veteran, fans of MvC have been begging for Venom’s return since his last appearance in Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (see videos below). The symbiote fanged his way into players hearts in the original MvC and quickly became a staple of the series. This is why many MvC fans were disappointed with his absence in Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

Venom utilizes some of the slickest moves in the series featuring all sorts of web-swinging and symbiote morphing madness. Here is to hoping that the focus on the newest iteration of Spiderman in the MCU will result in Venom’s triumphant return.

Scarlet Witch


While Marvel Studios may not have full rights to utilize X-Men related characters in their films (thanks again Fox!), they still do have shared rights which is why Scarlet Witch is able to be part of the Avengers’ films. With all of the criticism from fans about the possible lack of X-Men in Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite, it would be a smart move on Marvel and Capcom’s part to add the hex-slinging, reality-warping mutant to the roster. We have already seen her father, Magneto, make his debut in Marvel Vs Capcom 3, so there is even more of a precedent for her inclusion in the next installment of the franchise.

And being the master of magnetism is cool and all, but Wanda can literally bend reality to her will. With powers like that, I’m sure Ms. Maximoff would have one of the coolest move-sets in the series. And if Wanda is going to make her MvC debut then her ex-hubby shouldn’t be far behind…



Whenever Ultron is creating chaos and havoc, you know Vision will be there to stop it. Created by Ultron himself, this “synthezoid” was meant to be an all-powerful servant designed with the sole purpose of destroying Hank Pym (Ant-Man/Giant-Man) and Janet van Dyne (The Wasp); as well as any one else who opposed Ultron, of course. Vision is a more recent addition to the MCU and first appears in the second Avengers film, Age of Ultron. It would honestly be a major missed opportunity if Marvel didn’t include Vision as part of the starting roster for Infinite since he is becoming more prominent in the MCU and recently starred in one of Marvel’s best comics in years, The Visions.

And how could they use Ultron as a main villain and not include one of his strongest opponents? Speaking of characters related to Ultron…



I know, you probably thought I was going to go with Ant-Man right? Given that Ant-Man is Ultron’s original creator he will most likely be a part of the Infinite roster, but I would rather see his wife Janet get some love this time around. Ant-Man is cool and all, but Wasp uses all of his tricks and then some. Not only can she change she change her size and body mass, but she can also fire bio-electric “stinger” blasts from her hands, grow wasp-like wings for flight and telepathically control insects without the use of Pym’s helmet. With her powers and abilities, I feel that Wasp would make a much better fit to the roster and add more female badassery to the mix.

It would also be the perfect time to introduce Wasp to a more mainstream audience now since she will soon be debuting in the next Ant-Man film slated for release in 2018. And last but not least for the Marvel side…



It has been said many times before, but I feel that it must be reinforced… Iron Man 3’s Mandarin was an utter insult to Iron Man’s greatest foe. What better way to re-build respect for the character than by adding him to the starting roster of Infinite. Mandarin is a powerhouse and would be an incredible addition to the series. He is a master martial artist, scientific genius, and possesses ten rings of near infinite power. Seriously, how badass would Mandarin’s move-set be? He could dominate opponents in close counters or annihilate them with vortexes, disintegration rays, flame bursts and more before they even got close. Mandarin’s skill set makes him extremely versatile and could be a joy for players to master.

And isn’t it about time he got a proper portrayal outside of the comics?


We know that Capcom is known for its fighting games, especially Street Fighter, but for this list I want to focus on more of the non-Street Fighter characters. Thankfully this time Capcom smartened up a little and brought Megaman back into the fold along with series staples such as Morrigan and Strider Ryu. To top it off, partnering with Ultron in a quest for universal domination is none other than Megaman X‘s primary villain, Sigma. With Sigma now in play, here is hoping we can get more of Capcom’s unique characters into the mix.

And speaking of Megaman X, let’s start off with another of the game’s villains…



The former maverick hunter turned “servant” of Sigma would be a great new addition to the MvC roster. Vile is an opponent not to be trifled with and he makes his power own in the very beginning of Megaman X by defeating X with ease. This expert hunter has an array of tricks and weapons at his disposal that could easily put down any enemy that tried to cross him. It would also be interesting to see Vile written into the new Infinite story-mode given his questionable allegiance to Sigma.

Hopefully we can see more of Megaman’s creative rogue’s gallery featured in future MvC games. As for other Capcom characters whose names are synonymous with evil, darkness and being down right dirty…



Amaterasu made her mark in Marvel Vs Capcom 3, so it is about time one of Okami‘s featured villains did too. Blight is the manifestation of the entity within the cursed sword Goldnail. This demonic warrior literally spews poisonous gas from its body and is a lightening fast sword fighter. Blight utilizes gases to slow down his targets before quickly teleporting and cutting them in two. He also just looks cool as hell!

Blight would be a really cool addition to the roster, but may be a bit of a stretch given Infinite’s change in art style from previous MvCs. The water-color aesthetic of Okami‘s characters might not blend well with the Street Fighter 5-esque graphics, but I like being wrong from time to time. I’ve been giving too much love to the villains on this list, so let’s shift back to a more heroic character…



If you had a Dreamcast (or still have one like me) you more than likely owned/played Power Stone, another great fighting series from Capcom. Power Stone hasn’t seen a new installment since Power Stone 2 back in 2000, so it is about time that changed starting with the inclusion of characters like Galuda in Infinite. Galuda is a tender and caring shaman that just wants to save his village from disease through the use of the legendary power stones. He is a capable fighter and through the use of the stones can transform into a powerful Native American warrior with mystic totem abilities.

Given that Power Stone centers around finding stones of near infinite and supernatural power, it makes perfect sense for Power Stone characters like Galuda to make their return to the fray as the fight to seize the Infinity Stones from Ultron Sigma.

And now for one of my favorite characters from MvC 2…

Jin Saotome


Jin is one of the heroes from yet another lesser known Capcom fighting games, Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness. Jin is an absolute blast to play in previous MvCs, utilizing all sorts of giant mechs, exploding clothes, fiery vortexes, and cyberbot insanity to keep his opponents constantly off-guard. Don’t believe? Here is a little taste of Jin’s gameplay from Marvel Vs Capcom 2…

Just like Thanos and Venom, Jin has been on the sidelines for way too long on and it is about time he return to the fold. When Jin and his Cyberbot step up to the plate, Ultron Sigma won’t know what hit him.

Speaking of robots and cyborgs…



Nilin is the protagonist from Capcom’s 2010 action-adventure game, Remember Me. While not necessarily one of Capcom’s best games, Nilin is still a really cool character and can use an array of cyberpunk gadgets and techniques; specifically abilities and weapons that can stun, confuse, and mesmerize her enemies. Being that she is a person who can literally manipulate memories, it would be interesting to see her use her memory alerting abilities on the other MvC combatants.

Outside of memory manipulation, Nilin can use “pressens” or powers such as regeneration, duplication, and damage boosts to make her a fierce competitor. And for my final entry on the list…

Ashley Graham


Just kidding!

Although that would be amazing since we all have wanted to erase this woman from existence at one point or another during Resident Evil 4, but My last pick is actually…



The enigmatic leader of Umbrella made this MvC debut in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (see video below) and his superhuman abilities quickly made him a force to be reckoned with. Armed with a slick move-set consisting of teleportation, gun-play, brutal counters and effective close-quarters-combat, Wesker quickly found his way into many fans’ teams. Wesker has not been a dominating force in recent Resident Evil titles, but it would be a shame to put this powerhouse villain on the side lines. With Chris Redfield recently announced as a playable character in Infinite it is more than likely that Wesker will be making a return.

And that is it for my wish list of characters for Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite. Below are some more honorable mentions and other characters I hope to see return. Who do you think should be included in the next MvC? Do you agree with this list or did I miss someone vital?

Sound off in the comments folks!!!

Honorable Mentions/Characters that Should Return:


Black Panther
Dr. Strange
Black Widow


Zack & Wiki
B.B. Hood







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  1. Shantae isn’t a Capcom character, they only published the first game way back when. She’s a WayForward property.


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