Split Screens is Looking For Contributors!

Hello Split Screens fans! It’s a beautifully nerdy world out there with so many amazing games, comics, television shows, films, and gadgets to cover, play, and explore. With this in mind, we are looking for some new content developers. The hope of this site is to build a community blog where people can talk about their favorite franchises, fandoms, characters, and so on through original posts, videos, and other content. The goal is to create a nerd-culture site that thrives on diversity, conversation, and a whole lotta nerdy love.

At the moment we could really use the following:

– Reviews
– Recommendations
– Let’s Plays
– Fan art and fan-fiction

Content can come in any format including: articles, podcasts, videos, interviews, etc.

If you are interested in making content for Split Screens, please review the guidelines on our submissions page and contact us at info.splitscreens@gmail.com. If you happen to know any other wonderful and nerdy humans out there that enjoying writing and talking about nerd-culture, direct them to us too.

We cannot to see your next review, commentary, recommendation, or zany Overwatch fan-fiction published on Split Screens!

– Mike Malpiedi, Editor-in-Chief

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