Overwatch: Uprising is Officially Live

Overwatch’s next big event, Overwatch: Uprising, just kicked off today and offers dozens of new loot items along with the first piece of story-related content for the game. While the new event comes as no surprise, since details leaked online over the past few days, it is exciting to see Blizzard branch out from doing solely holiday events. The Overwatch: Uprising content is based on a recently released comic of the same name, which details Tracer’s first ever mission as a member of Overwatch. Here is a brief description of the event:

“Journey seven years into the past and join a group of Overwatch agents fighting through the streets of King’s Row to quell an uprising led by Null Sector, a rogue group of omnics. Team up with your friends and play as Tracer, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, or Mercy to defeat the robots and liberate the city. There are no reinforcements. Failure is not an option. The future depends on you.”

The new event brings in a fresh PvE mode placed on a new variant of the King’s Row map. The cosmetic changes make King’s Row look like it was taken from the panels of the new comic, complete with city wide destruction and rampaging omnics. From now until May 1st, players  can choose between PvE featuring only Mercy, Reinhardt, Tracer, and Torbjorn or a PvE variant utilizing all of the current 24 heroes. All of the of the event loot takes inspiration from the story-line as well, particularly the new crop of skins which draw upon each heroes’ backstory (see trailer above for a look at each skin).

Players have been asking for more PvE offerings since the “Junkenstein’s Revenge” mode used during the Halloween along with some non-holiday related events, so it is good to know that the developers are actively listening to player feedback. Hopefully we can continue to expect more story-related offers in the future.

But for now… Get out there and get those sweet skins people!

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