Steve Dillon, Comic Industry Legend, Passes Away at 54…

The world of comics lost a great artist today as it was confirmed that artist Steve Dillon passed away today at 54. Dillon’s passing was announced today on Twitter by his brother, Glyn Dillon. He was found in his New York apartment and the cause of death has yet to be announced.

Steve Dillon

Dillon is responsible for the creation of some of the finest and most applauded comics in the industry. He was born in Luton, a borough within Bedfordshire, England and got his start as an illustrator for Marvel UK’s Hulk Weekly at the age of sixteen. He soon found himself illustrating for 2000 AD and Doctor Who Weekly before his move to the United States in the 1980s.

His work shifted to DC Comics where he produced artwork for series such as Skreemer, Animal Man, and the Atom before heading over to DC’s Vertigo Comics. Dillon’s first major success was under the Vertigo banner when he teamed up with writer, Garth Ennis, to work on the classic Hellblazer series in the early 1990s. Ennis and Dillon soon teamed up again to produce the phenomenal Preacher series which won Dillon an Eisner Award for his work. The pair quickly moved onto create the famous 2000-2001 Punisher run for Marvel.

He remained well acquainted with Frank Castle up until his death. He provided the art for many issues of Punisher Max alongside writer Jason Aaron, and more recently was the artist for the current Punisher series penned by Becky Cloonan. Dillon’s legacy continues to inspire as his now famous Preacher series is the latest comic to get a television adaptation on AMC. His work is also the influence for the most recent television adaptation of the Punisher who is played by Jon Bernthal on season two of Marvel/Netflix’s Daredevil. Many scenes from Daredevil season two mirroring panels from Ennis and Dillon’s famous Punisher run from 2000-2001.

Dillon is an inspiration to so many artists, creators, and fans across the world and he will be sorely missed. Our hearts go out to his family and friends in this time of grief.

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