The First Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Provides a Major Leak for Data Miners

By Mike Malpiedi

The first official, and potentially only, demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon hit the 3DS store today and ravenous fans around the world are working tirelessly to catch ’em all. Some more tech savvy fans found their way into the demos code which has since revealed a whole slew of new Pokemon previously unannounced. While there has been no response from Nintendo, Game Freak, or The Pokemon Company regarding the leaked monsters, it is obvious that this leak is legitimate and exposes a good portion of the Alola Pokedex.

New Pokemon that have been reveled in the leak include almost all the Alola forms of Gen-1 Pokemon, the final evolutions for each new starter, potential new Ultra Beasts, and other Pokemon native to the Alola islands. See for yourself what badass, cute, and downright dopey Pokemon will be roaming the region of Alola…

Alola Region Pokemon

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Alola Forms

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Ultra Beasts

Shiny Pokemon

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Noticeable from the leak is that the final evolutions for Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio line-up with the concept art leaked earlier this year. Fans have been mixed on their feelings toward the new starters, but I for one think that these are some of the coolest looking starters to come along in quite some time. And I am 100 % going with Popplio on the first go. Poor little guy… Don’t listen to the haters, some day you become a true beauty and a force to be reckoned with!

And moving right along, I am really intrigued by these new Ultra Beasts that are being introduced into the series. I am getting much more of a Digimon-vibe with these new monsters, and they feel a bit out of place, but I am truly curious to see how they come into play and what they can do. Especially whatever the hell that demon mouth thing is. I have a feeling that their existence may in fact be related to a recent fan theory that they are transformed versions of the Aether Foundation. The mysterious science organization and the Ultra Beasts are said to have an important role in the story-line, so it would make sense that they are related in some way. I think that transforming humans is a bit far fetched for the series since that would imply the potential capturing of humans and we know that wild, and sometimes gigantic, creatures are the only things to be captured in small metal balls. I think that it is more likely the monsters have been genetically created using DNA from various characters in the game which could explain why these monsters are similar aesthetically to the likes of Lillie and Gladion (recurring characters previously revealed in trailers for the game).

From this leak we also get to see what are definitely the goofiest Alola forms. I thought the Alola Exeggutor was ridiculous to look at, but the the bastard child of Garfield and a Persian takes the whole cake… Or lasagna, whatever. I am pretty disappointed with the look of this latest crop of forms when compared to what has been previously revealed, but that being said the blonde Dugtrio and the bearded Golem fit perfectly on my newest, goofy Pokemon team. Each game I take some extra time to train the goofiest Pokemon I can find in order to completely shame my opponents. It’s a lot of fun, for me!

Ohh Trubbish, where would I be without you…

As for some of the other new Alola Pokemon, I am without a doubt catching a Salandit and getting that crazy, slick raptor Pokemon. Wow that thing is cool! And I love how the creators chose to evolve Wimpod into that hulking mammoth beetle monster. It is also great to see the island environment be fully embraced when it comes to the colors and designs for the newer Pokemon. Speaking of colors, some shiny variants were uncovered through the leak and they wonderfully vibrant as usual. I need that blood-red Lunala and that cool purple Ninetales on my team ASAP.

Overall, Pokemon Sun and Moon look as if they are shaping up to be stellar Pokemon experiences. It seems that Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo are throwing everything they have into the two new titles in order to create an experience that is both refreshing mysterious and wonderfully nostalgic. I haven’t spent much time with the demo yet personally, so more on that to come later in the week.

What do you think of the latest batch of new Pokemon? Have you been enjoying the demo? Sound off in the comments!

As for me, November 18th cannot come soon enough…






All images are property of Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company.

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