Explore Pokemon Generations

By Mike Malpiedi

Nintendo and the Pokemon Company officially released the first two episodes of the new, web-only animated series, Pokemon Generations. The new eighteen-episode series will air weekly on the Official Pokemon Channel from now until December 23, 2016. Based on the trailer released earlier in the week, the series will be a much more mature take on the popular monster-battling games and feature stories spread throughout the establish Pokemon Universe. Each episode is only 3-5 minutes long and will be self contained stories as opposed to telling a connected story-line.

The first episode titled, “The Adventure,” which aired alongside the second episode on Friday, shows a Pikachu battling through each of the known Pokemon regions and gives a sense of the scope that this series is aiming to capture. The second episode, “The Chase,” sees everyone’s favorite Team Rocket boss, Giovanni, on the run from the International Police. This particular episode happens to be the more interesting of the two, in my opinion, since it actually gives an idea of the types of stories the series is looking to tell within the Pokemon universe.

The animation in each episode is surprisingly good and the at times it seems to be even better than the current anime (which is also receiving some animation changes). The short fights within the first episode of Pokemon Generations alone are better and more thrilling than the majority of the bouts on the long-running Pokemon anime series. It definitely reminds me of the recent Pokemon Origins series that was released back in 2013. Pokemon Origins follows a more adult story-line which that is based off of the original Pokemon Red and Blue games and even features the games’ main character, Red. Pokemon Generations looks like it will explore stories directly influenced by characters from the past several Pokemon games, but will also be taking liberties and writing new tales based on the series. If the first two episodes are any indication, they are definitely going in the right direction. This new web-series will satisfy older, longtime fans of the series and newcomers alike.

You can watch the official trailer and the first two episodes of the series below:

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