Games/Series that Deserve a Sequel…

This week we will focus on a beloved fighting series from Capcom featuring the best fighters Marvel and Capcom have to offer…


Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita


The fan-favorite fighting series from the makers of Street Fighter originally started out with a game called X-men Vs. Street Fighter in 1996.  That particular game went on to spawn Marvel Super Heros Vs Capcom the following year which eventually transformed into the Marvel Vs Capcom series we know today; the most recent title in the series being Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 released in 2011.  The fighting series pits a colorful cast of famous Capcom and Marvel heroes and villains against one another in knuckle-whiting 3-on-3 bouts.  The series is known for its well-crafted fighting system, extraordinary combos, and breakneck pace.

Capcom’s contract with Marvel for the series recently expired in 2014 and Marvel actually pulled Marvel Vs Capcom games, along with other Marvel titles, from various physical and digital game stores.  This was due to Marvel’s acquisition by Disney and the company seeking to “unite its game worlds” in a similar fashion as their films.  Despite being pulled from stores, Marvel Vs Capcom continues to be a staple in the fighting game scene and will once again be part of the EVO line-up.

Why the series deserves a sequel:    

Chun-Li giving Iron Man a hundred kicks to the face, Spiderman webbing Megaman before setting up for Spider Sting, and Hulk smashing… Well, everything.  What more could you possibly ask for?  And besides each game boasting awesome rosters, they are just plain fun to play.  Going head to head with good friends in nail-biting after nail-biting match and never wanting to put that control down is what gaming is all about.  Hopefully a recent online petition can get Capcom and Marvel in the same room again.  One can at least hope… right?

Reviews & Impressions:




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