The CS:GO Gambling Crackdown Has Come

A little over a week ago we created a guide to the recent Counter-Strike scandal involving websites which were allowing underage people to illegally gamble on CS:GO games by using skins. Since the reports of the lawsuit against CS:GO creator, Valve, and websites such as CSGO Lotto began pouring in a month ago, Valve is now beginning to take action against these sites and is revoking their right to use Steam Keys to link their account/website to Steam. According to a statement Valve issued last week, the company is already in the process of sending cease and desist letters to these various third party gambling sites.

More recently, as reported by Polygon (see sources below), Valve is giving 23 different CS:GO gambling websites ten days to shutdown or face deletion. Sites such as CSGO Big and CSGO Lotto have either temporarily shutdown or have stopped taking bets all together. We will see in the next few days whether or not Valve will make good on its promise, but given the amount of attention and heat that Valve has been getting over this controversial issue it wouldn’t be surprising to see many of these sites get taken down. The company is even being accused of profiting from these sites, so they need to stick to their word in order to maintain their public image.

Only time will tell, but hopefully this is the beginning of the end for this illegal gambling market. It is truly amazing that this gambling market directed at young kids had been allowed to exist unregulated for this long.

You can read the cease and desist letter here: Valve Cease and Desist




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