Games/Series that Deserve a Sequel…

This week we will focus on a stellar Nintendo turn-based strategy series…


Advanced Wars


Platform(s): Gameboy Advanced, Nintendo DS


Released in 2001 by developer Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo, Advanced Wars is a turn-based strategy game that puts the player in command of the Orange Star nation and its spunky crew of commanders: Andy, Max, and Sami.  The game features an excellent battle system that incorporates a variety of strategic elements such as varying unit types, changing terrain, a dynamic weather system, and commander specific abilities.  The original game has gone on to spawn three follow-up titles, the last of which being Advance Wars: Days of Ruin published in 2008.  The first Advanced Wars was recently re-released on the WiiU virtual console, but Nintendo has no plans for a new entry in the series; especially given Intelligent Systems major success with the recent Fire Emblem games.

Why the series deserves a sequel:

Advanced Wars is one of the most entertaining turn-based strategy series in recent gaming history.  The original 2001 title is still met with unanimous acclaim for its accessible yet complex gameplay, absorbing characters, surprising replayability, and intelligent A.I. opponents.  The series even offers fun and engaging multiplayer via dozens of maps for friends and rivals to duke it out for hours.  The last entry in the series, Days of Ruin, isn’t a direct follow-up to the previous three titles either and carries a much darker tone with its story, so it would be a very pleasant surprise to see Nintendo announce a continuation of the original story-line.

The series offers a great foil in terms of setting, gameplay, and story to Intelligent Systems’ also incredible Fire Emblem series, which focuses much more on dramatic fantasy settings and individualized units/characters.  The Advanced Wars series brings addicting turn-based strategy and modernized combat scenarios to the table without the constant fear of having to reload a save file if one of your favorite characters dies in battle.  Even without the extensive playable characters, the commanders of the Advanced Wars series and their varying abilities bring so much life and surprise to the battlefield.

The difficulty of the series is also welcomed as you will continuously find yourself in blistering battles against consistently evolving terrain and cunning commanders.  The NPCs have no problem with steamrolling through your troops if you make the wrong move.  Advanced Wars would also be a perfect title to utilize the 3DS’ dual screens and hardware capabilities.  Given Nintendo’s current infatuation with Fire Emblem and this year’s Zelda packed E3 though, don’t expect an announcement for a 3DS Advanced Wars any time soon.

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One thought

  1. OMG yes please! Advance Wars and Fire Emblem were two of the series I loved playing the most on my GBA back in the day. Thankfully, Nintendo continues to show FE some love, but it’s time we see AW make its return!! Loved this entry 😀


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