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This week we will be focusing on one of the last hits of DC’s new 52 universe…


Originally a Wildstorm Comics character, Midnighter is what you get when you cross Kato’s fighting sense, Batman level gadgets, and a thirst for violence that would make the Punisher look soft. Lucas Trent (aka Midnigher) is a former member of the super group, Stormwatch, and is a product of intense experimentation done by the insane Henry Bendix. Created in 1998 by writer Warren Ellis and artist Bryan Hitch, Midnighter made his debut in issue #4 of Stormwatch (vol. 2) and solidified himself as a force to be reckoned with.

midnighter badass.png

Midnighter and his on and off boyfriend, Apollo, (did I mention he was gay?) are often compared to Batman and Superman. The difference between Midnighter and the Dark Knight is that the former has zero qualms about killing. In fact, it is what Midnighter does best. Lucas Trent’s mind is a literal fight computer that can analyze the outcomes of any battle a million times over. He knows any move an opponent can make before they’ve even had a faction of a second to think about it. To top that off, Midnighter possesses expectional hand-to-hand combat skills and an almost Wolverine level healing ability which makes Mr. Trent one very hard man to take down.

mn killing
Recently Midnighter made his new 52 solo debut with writer Steve Orlando and artist Aco at the helm. The story starts with an unknown assailant attacking the God Garden and stealing precious information about Midnighter’s past. The story hits the ground running from there and never lets up. This particular creative team of Orlando and Aco have created a comic that will grab you by the eyeballs and never let go. Midnighter is non-stop action and fun since you never know where he is going or how he will decimate his opponents next. The current series is pure adrenaline-pumping insanity as Midnighter is pit against DC foes old and knew such as Suicide Squad’s Parasite, Deadshot, and Harley Quinn. He even kidnaps Dick Grayson for a few issues, so they can battle an underground crime ring composed of vampires (and because Midnighter has a huge crush on Dick).

Outside of incredible action sequences, Midnighter is a pleasure to read because of its handling of homosexuality. Orlando and Aco create Midnighter’s relationships with other men as naturally and humanly as they should be depicted. This is a comic that doesn’t beat you over the head with the fact that the main character is gay nor does it pander to stereotypes. In fact, the comic shows that any type of person in the world can love who they want and be who they want while still being a powerful and resilient person. The comic allows these characters to just exist as naturally as they should in the real world and it is a welcome change of pace for a mainstream comic.

Unfortunately, DC cancelled the current Midnighter series back in April in the wake of DC Rebirth. The recent series ended this May with issue #12. It is still up in the air whether or not Midnighter, or the rest of Stormwatch, will return during DC Rebirth, but regardless this is a series that you need to go out and experience. Whether you purchase all the single issues or pick up the trade volumes, you will not regret a penny that you spent. Midnighter is a wild ride that happens to be on of the most exciting and refreshing DC series in years.

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