The Art of Comic-Con

By Mike Malpiedi

With Denver Comic last month and San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, I thought I might take a moment to highlight my favorite aspect of Comic Con…


The artist alley at Comic-Con is the best part of the Con for me (it was my wallet’s least favorite). I spent the majority of my day at Denver Comic-Con walking around each table over and over again, new artists and prints catching my eye with each pass. Different artists coming together to show off the characters and fandoms that they love is one of most potent expressions of passion and nerdiness next to cosplay (which was also wonderful to see, but too many Harleys and Deadpools though).

There were dozens and dozens of artists at Denver Comic-Con, and each brought something completely different to the table. Kevin Eslinger for instance (see images below and featured photo) used water color splatter and ink to create stunning versions of popular characters. I found his Ghost Rider, Spawn, and Harley Quinn to be some of his better splatters.

Then there are of course artists that enjoy doing crossover pieces where they mix different parts of pop-culture to make something entirely new, like the Calvin and Hobbes crossed with Deadpool print below. And you have the classic cover art prints as well. Some of my favorite prints that I’ve purchased over the years are poster-sized versions of famous pieces of cover art such as the Dark Knight Returns and The Incredible Hulk #340 . For me, displaying these prints are way to honor the heroes and stories that I cherish.

But enough of my rambling yeah? Take a minute to enjoy some of these prints that I picked up at Denver Comic-Con this year and from other Cons past. And be sure to visit the artist alley at your local Comic-Con this year and every year. The money that you spend goes right to the artist, so it helps them continue to do what they love most. And what is really better than supporting someone awesome?

So go out and get some sweet artwork folks… May you get as lost in the wonder as I do!

Kevin did a tremendous job of capturing Ghost Riders raging hellfire, but it is the clear penance stare in his eye that sells it.
This rendition of Harley is pure chaotic beauty.
I feel in love with this Groot print instantly.
And this I couldn’t help picking up because it’s incredible.
An old cover print that I picked up at Boston Comic-Con. Sometimes you can’t beat classic cover art.
And sometimes prints come together to make something wonderful!

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