Ways to Celebrate Your Nerdy Independence

July 4th is here again folks, and with it comes grilled food and explosives galore just as the forefathers have always celebrated! Now if your a nerdy individual like me you may be thinking “Hey, how do I celebrate 4th of July and still be an introverted recluse?” Well think no further, here is a little guide to some perfectly nerd-tastic ways to enjoy your Independence Day…

Let’s start out with the most obvious:

Watch Independence Day

ID pic

Nothing says I am a patriot more than watching America save the entire planet, yet again, from certain cataclysmic, alien disaster. What else could destroy an alien mother-ship, but the combined forces of loving America, the Fresh Prince, Jeff Goldbloom himself, and a man orphaning his children (the last is especially American!). Watching aliens and massive explosions is an excellent way to nerd out this Fourth of July. You could go out and watch the newly released Independence Day: Resurgence, but that seems like a lot of work for very little payoff…

Somehow Find a Copy of Captain America Comics #1 (1941) And Read It


Captain America punches Hitler in the face and I think that is all that needs to be said.

Obviously finding a physical copy is no easy task and the book is quite expensive, but thankfully you can purchase electronic copies from Marvel for only $2.

Listen to Eminem’s White America

I know, I know… Nothing to do with being nerdy, but its a great song and I think expresses the collective angst we all feel right now.

Play Some Wolfenstein

new order

Whether it is the original NES classic or the recent entry, New Order, go honor your country and tear some Nazis in half!

Or Play Valiant Hearts


If you like a little less ultra-violence in your media and Independence celebrations, Valiant Hearts: The Great War is the game for you. Valiant Hearts is a puzzle, adventure game that examines the turbulent and brutal reality of World War I. It follows the tales of the Frenchman Emile, his German son-in-law Karl, American soldier Freddie, and Belgian nurse Anna across four detailed and beautifully animated chapters. The game is pretty historical accurate and is the perfect game for historians and those that desire a more intellectual experience with their media.

Have A Captain America Marathon


With three Captain America films out in the world now, why not just have an epic Fourth of July marathon featuring all three films? Yes, yes… Civil War isn’t out on Blu-ray or DvD yet but you’re all smart people and the internet has ways of gifting us early (wink wink nudge nudge).

Binge-watch Season One of Mr. Robot


What else says freedom more than hacking the oligarchy and freeing the people from horribly massive debt. This USA series about hackers attempting to free democracy from the devious Evil Corp has become an instant hit and is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime. Watching computer wizards saving the nation from itself is probably one of the best ways to celebrate nerdiness and true independence.

Read Punisher: Born

punisher born

Whether you are a long time Punisher fan or just love Jon Bernthal’s recent interpretation of the character, you should pick up Garth Ennis’ Punisher: Born. This mini-series explores the character of Frank Castle during the agony and tragedy that was the Vietnam War. The story takes place toward the end of the war and examines how addicted Castle becomes to combat and violence. It is a story that questions whether or not Frank was always the Punisher and serves as a brutal reminder of the cost of war. We often glamorize war in our media (see Battlefield 1) and Punisher: Born is a reminder not to forget the senseless loss that accompanies these horrifying events.

Take a Trip Back to Columbia (Bioshock Infinite)


A great game to revisit this Fourth of July! Bioshock Infinite takes players through the flying city of Columbia for a story filled with philosophical debates of patriotism, racism, and rebellion (three pillars that our nation was founded upon). Not only that, but the recently announced Bioshock: The Collection is now around the corner. This may just be the perfect time to tag along with Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth once more for a romp along the sky rails of old Columbia.

Or you can watch the trailer continuously and enjoy Nico Vega’s incredibly patriotic song “Beast of America.”

And lastly….

Go Outside and See Some Fireworks


All of the previous suggestions are great ways to celebrate your nerdy independence, but sometimes you just need to get out and be with the people you love while watching shit blow up in the sky. So grab a good friend (or two) and a hot dog then watch the sparks fly!

Happy Fourth of July from Split Screens! Let us know in the comments how you plan to celebrate.

Now get out there and enjoy that delicious, delicious freedom… Have fun and be safe.

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